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Lights Out

I’m one of the lucky households to lose power at Noon today and at 9:45 PM, still sitting here in the dark using my laptop with my Blackberry hooked up to it for Internet connectivity. Guess I’ll be filling up the garbage can tomorrow with the food in the refrigerator as I didn’t put it in an ice chest thinking the power wouldn’t be out for this long.

Today was an interesting day to observe people trying to drive in areas with power outages. It’s amazing to see the people that just go through the intersection without even realizing that there is no green light, actually any light. Then there are the jerks that know the light is out and don’t want to wait their turn so when the guy in front of them goes, they just continue going through right behind them. Saw this pattern repeat itself throughout today.

With more storms on the way, I won’t be stocking my refrigerator again until the end of the week but I will make sure I’m really careful when out driving.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile