Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging

Home staging tips for Tuesday!

I found an awesome new local photo / art tip. I met a great local photographer who turns his beautiful pictures of our local landscape into framed canvas art. Some of them look like oil paintings and some look like photos, but they are all impressive. He has a great eye for capturing our beautiful coastline. For the size of these prints they are all very well priced .

I have always felt that people buy houses in our area because they fall in love with the scenery- make sure you remind them of that when they look at your home too, maybe it will be that extra special “something” that gets your home SOLD!

Here is the artist’s website link: To see the pictures- check his online store. Nice guy, local artist, beautiful pictures for your home, I call that a win-win-win!

Happy Home selling! – Shannon
Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging
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Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging

This post is a departure for me and a follow-up to Keith’s last post! I am also thrilled about Cal Poly’s Rose Float in the parade this year. I am a little biased though, my husband is the rose float coordinator, but I am so proud of what they accomplished this year.

Also Keith is right on, it is a blast to participate in the building and decorating of such a magnificent work of art. It is a year long process, that begins to take shape in the next few weeks for next year! If you are interested in submitting a drawing idea for next year’s Cal Poly Rose Float design: Design entry’s are due by February 5th at noon for 2011 parade, so start working on your drawing.

Follow the attached link to get more detailed photos of the completed float up close and personal, as well as updated insight about how to submit a design concept for the 2011 parade.

-Shannon, Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging

Happy Tuesday after Thanksgiving! Hopefully everyone didn’t eat and shop too much over the holiday! And hopefully everyone found some great things to be thankful for this year!

Here are some winter staging tips for your winter holiday home selling season:

  • Keep the heater on during these cold days, so that when buyers arrive the house isn’t ice cold. At least 60 degrees is much more welcoming to buyers and will encourage them to visit the home longer, which is more likely to lead to a sale!
  • If you are moving out before selling, think about staging, and possibly about leaving a few key pieces of furniture in the house – to help with the staging process. It will save you tons of money compared to renting large items like couches.
  • Mind your falling leaves and your plants that die during the freezing nights. Curb appeal is still the first chance you house gets to make a good impression.
  • Don’t get crazy with the holiday decoration! Think simple and tasteful if your house is on the market through the holidays! Don’t go- Chevy Chase, ‘Christmas Vacation’ style decorations this year, they may be a turn off to potential buyers! You never want to have your house judged by your decorations!
  • Selling your home is like interviewing for a GREAT job, put out your best and results will follow!

Good luck! And happy home selling! – Shannon D’Acquisto, Light Bright and Airy Home Staging to contact me directly please visit my website:

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging

This is a departure for me this week. I am going to take a moment to share a personal tidbit that I hope will help someone else out there. I am proud to be a 4 year cancer survivor and am honored to be flying out to Austin, Texas tomorrow to volunteer a few days of my time working with the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s Young Adult Alliance. It is one of very few cancer charities that really looks at the plight of younger cancer patients, since mortality in 18-40 cancer patients is still on the rise, where in the past 30 years, all other cancer age groups have made great strides. In honor of my trip and this charity that is near and dear to my heart, I urge you to be smart about your health at all ages, and know that if your health is not right, follow it through until you get answers, and hopefully it won’t be cancer, but if it is, know that there are some great local and national charities that are here to help!

If you have any questions for me about home staging or about being a young cancer survivor, feel free to contact me through my patient advocacy website:

To your health!
Shannon D’Acquisto – Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging