Lesson for Poly Journalism Majors

Something isn’t right here….

1) Trib reports over a week ago that the Morro Bay PD took out a search warrant for SPFX Masks in Southern California, the manufacturer of realistic masks. The Morro Bay Police want the names of the people that purchased the “Elder Mask”

2) Huffington Posts posts article saying the Los Angeles Times reports that a warrant was served on a SLO Costume Shop. They can’t even spell Morro Bay correctly either!

“Following the FBI’s announcement that the “Geezer Bandit” may be more youthful than he lets on, the Los Angeles Times reports that authorities have served a search warrant to a costume store in San Luis Obispo. The warrant is for people who bought “The Elder,” a mask that transforms its wearer into a wizened old man. San Luis Obispo is near Moro Bay, where the Geezer Bandit’s most recent bank robbery took place.”

Here’s the link to the article.