Voted Best Real Estate Company in SLO County in the 2017 New Times Reader Poll
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The latest statistics for real estate websites was released for February 2008 by They measure visitors to nationwide real estate sites. In February, was the top site at a little over 5% but that’s a big drop from January when they had 9%.

This shows the continuing decline of as a site people are going to. Now that people have choices of sites to look for homes on (like, the sites with the best local information are the ones people will come back to. has become extremely cluttered with advertisements as the company that runs it, Move Inc., is trying to figure out how to generate revenue and lift it’s stock price. What’s interesting is how many Realtors don’t like because of the outrageous prices Move Inc. charges for enhancing THEIR listings.

Unless the National Association of Realtors can figure out how to get out of their contract with Move Inc. and take back the site, I think will just continue to go downhill.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile