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Las Vegas Trip Report

I went to Las Vegas earlier this week and thought I’d share some things in case you’re planning a trip there. It’s a good time of season to pay a visit from Sunday-Thursday as the hotel prices are low. The rates really jump on Friday and Saturday.

We decided to drive instead of fly and it took us about 7 hours, which I used to think was a long drive but that was before taking the trips to Chico since my youngest daughter started going to school there. Chico is a 7 hour drive too.

We stayed at Excalibur which we like because of the location and room rates. I signed up on their Guestbook on their website and received 15% off the room rates when I made the reservation. We got a view room with widescreen TV for $56/night a room. What you do have to look out for is the “resort” fee that some hotels add to your bill. Excalibur is one of these. They charge an extra $9 per day for (wired) Internet and some other stuff I don’t care about but you have no choice but to pay it.  I saw some hotels advertise “no resort fees” so make sure you look at what the total price is going to be for a room when you shop.

We like the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood so went there the night we arrived. They have this 24 hour buffet option where you can go to 7 different buffets as much as you want in a 24 hour period for $40.  With the Spice Market Buffet at dinner being $25, it would just take a lunch to pay for it so we decided to go for it. We went to the Rio for lunch and then Paris for their dinner buffet as these were the highest rated of the 7.  They were all yummy! Paris had the longest wait in line (about 20 minutes).

I wanted to do a couple poker tournaments when I was there. I was in my first one the last time I was in Vegas and wondered if my playing online for play money made me any better. The first tournament was at Excalibur.  Cost something like $65. Started out with a couple good hands and thought it was going to be a piece of cake but didn’t get any good cards after that and was eliminated towards the front of the pack.  The next tournament was at Luxor. This one went much better and got down to final two. We kept going back and forth, trading the blinds, and we agreed to “chop the pot” (split the prize pool) so I guess that means I tied for first in that one. Cleared $140 after deducting the entry fee.  The tournaments take 2-3 hours if you don’t bet too aggressively.

The cheapest blackjack table I found was $3 minimums at Hooters. A couple strip casinos had $5 table and the downtown casinos were also $5. Most strip casinos were $15 minimum at night.

Didn’t got to any shows this trip. But of course I had to make a trip to Fry’s Electronics 🙂

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile