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Kudo’s to the Pest Company

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Recently a client of ours was purchasing a home and when presented with their Pest Inspection Report paid for by the Seller and found there was an area of inaccessibility. The local Pest Company suggested local treatment only which would not have treated the area no one could get to.

The home had a tile roof and the way pest companies work, if they have to “tent” the home, the Pest Company will not be responsible for any broken tiles done at time of tenting. Why would a Buyer want to take possession of a home that had damaged tiles and furthermore why would a seller want their roof tiles broken and have no recourse for the pest company to take responsibility for the damage?

Pest companies know approximately how many tiles they are going to break when they tent. Most other pest companies would say “The first 15 tiles broken are your responsibility, we’ll pay for anything after that.” Even though we represented the buyer, our agent had the pest company sign a statement of responsibility and they indeed broke 8 roof tiles and the pest company replaced the broken tiles. We want to acknowledge the pest company that provided us with a high level of service and professionalism. THANK YOU Archie’s Aloha Pest! Everyone was happy with his great service and work!!!!

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