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I’ve pretty much replaced the light bulbs in my home with the low energy ones that use 1/4 of the power and last 4 times longer (can’t use them with dimmers though). What I’ve found is that it’s tough to find the low energy bulbs in stores. This is a great example of merchandising. Looks like the traditional bulb vendors are buying the shelf space, with many rows of light bulbs from the big companies (GE, Sylvania, etc.). At Orchard, the low energy bulbs are at the far end of the light bulb aisle at the very back of the store. I couldn’t even find any at Walmart, just a demonstration display.

If we’re serious about reducing the electricity we all use, the low-energy bulbs seem like a logical choice and don’t require a life style change. Heck, since they last a lot longer than regular light bulbs, it means that we don’t have to spend as much time changing bulbs. I don’t know why we’d even want a large display of the energy-hogging bulbs in our Central Coast stores!

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