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I’ve been working with computers for awhile. If you count the years I was programming with punchcards in my computer science classes at Cal Poly, it’s now over 27 years. While I’ve tried many software programs over the years, I have my favorites. One of these is Roboform ( This program allows you to save logins you define on different websites and then login in for you when you revist them. This allows you to use different passwords on websites. Chances are you may be using on main password for all your logins, and you may have been using that one for many years! The account information with roboform is stored encrypted on your harddrive and you do need to enter in a master password each time you want to use the login. Another nice feature is you can store form information. For example, I register a lot of domain names so I have a form for so I don’t have to fill out all my name, address, phone number, etc. every time. It’s a big timesaver!

You can try the program for free. Check it out!!

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