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It was time for an upgrade of my computer and this is my first blog post from my new Dell XPS with Vista. Vista wasn’t really what I wanted but Dell only offers a few models with an XP option these days and I wanted to get a quad processor to speed up photo and video editing. So, I thought I’d give it a try rather than spending time figuring if I could get all the drivers to reinstall XP on it.

I thought I’d give the “Easy Transfer” program a try which was supposed to make it easy to copy over my files and settings from my old XP computer to Vista. I tried copying over the network but after running it overnight, realized that something was messing up and it wasn’t going to do it. So, I then went to find an “Easy Transfer” cable which was a USB cable you hook between the old and new computer. I ran down to WalMart last night as they had the cable on their website but the Arroyo Grande store didn’t have it. I then went to Radio Shack, walked in, and was about half way into the store when a girl came up to me and told me they were closed. Since there were other people in the store I asked what time they closed and she said 8:30. My cell phone said 8:31 but I didn’t want to hassle trying to get her to let me just get the cable and buy it so I went to Office Max. They didn’t carry it either so I drove to Best Buy in SLO. They had the cable! I went home, tried the transfer overnight last night and when I checked this morning, it wasn’t doing any better than trying to update over the network.

So, I used an external hard drive, stored my Outlook settings and archive mails and transferred it this way. Luckily that worked!

There are other hiccups I ran into. I like my old keyboard better than the new one but the new Dell’s only have USB connectors on them now (no round keyboard connectors anymore). I was also surprised to find that they don’t ship computers with parallel ports on them anymore either. My black and white HP laser printer is a parallel printer.

Oh well…I know anytime you mess with computers you’re bound to run into something that takes 20x the amount of time you thought it was going to take.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile