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It was reported yesterday that because of proposed budget cuts, Poly will be accepting 500 fewer freshman next year. Just as the closing of Montana De Oro and Morro Strand parks threat, I’m not sure if these budget cuts will end up happening.

If they do cut the educational budget and Poly does lower incoming freshman levels, I’ve been asked what effect that will be on the local rental market. With the new Poly Canyon city being constructed right now, the increased number of beds was to be offset by an increased enrollment. The Poly Canyon Village is planned to provide 2700 beds when it is all finished with the first 1000 available starting next fall. Poly is planning to increase its enrollment which would offset the increased housing on-campus. But, if for next fall, they decrease the number of incoming freshman by 500 at the same time they add 1000 beds, it will have an impact on off-campus housing if they fill those rooms.

I think that the off-campus housing complexes will be impacted the most (Stenner Glen, Mustang Village, Valencia, etc.) but it will also lessen the demand for off campus homes and condos. Student housing outside of SLO would be probably be effected next. This past September, there were plenty of students panicing because they couldn’t find a place to rent in SLO so I really don’t see too big of an impact within the city limits, especially for housing closer to campus.

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