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Is Zillow Good Exposure for your Home?

Some Agents wanting to list your home will tell you all the websites they’ll put your home on, including Zillow. The issue with Zillow is that they have this thing called “zestimates” which is Zillow’s automated home value tool. Ask any realtor about zestimates and you’ll see the reaction in their face. A zestimate for a particular home could be off 20% or more (either higher or lower).

If a Zestimate is showing the value for a particular home that’s higher than what you want to list your home at, then I’d say having it on Zillow is a positive. But, if the Zestimate has a price that’s lower than what you want to list it for, then you’re at risk of losing potential Buyers.

The problem is that some Buyers believe the zestimate price is accurate. So when they see your list price is higher, they may pass on even considering your home thinking you are unreasonable in your pricing and not worth dealing with.

It’s easy to check to see what the Zestimate is of your home before you sign a listing agreement with a realtor. If it’s lower than what you want to list at, put in the Listing Agreement that your home will not be displayed on Zillow or you can cancel the Listing Agreement. If you don’t put that in the agreement, then the realtor can just give excuses why they can’t remove it from Zillow once it’s there.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile