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Internet-connected Blu Ray DVD Player

I was shopping at Best Buy last night and ran across a LG networked Blu Ray DVD player which was on sale for $250. I hadn’t heard anything about this player before and was intrigued with what the box said being the techno-geek I am so I purchased it.

Connecting it was easy as I already had Internet connections for my Tivo and Wii and just plugged another cable into the hub. What you’re able to do with this player, besides watching Blu Ray DVDs, is to stream NetFlix movies and YouTube videos. For Netflix, you need to first put the movies you want to view on a list via your PC. Then when you access it from the Blu Ray player, you choose the one you want to watch. For Youtube, you can search for videos you want to see or you can login to your Youtube account and it will list the videos you have in your “Favorites”.

What was pretty cool is that I was quickly able to find the Lupine Canyon listing video I created and within seconds it was playing on my HD TV. It wasn’t that long ago when there was real estate shows on the local TV stations on Saturday and Sunday afternoons that showed videos of Central Coast listings. With network-connected video players like the one I picked up last night, you can watch “on-demand” videos of listings you may be interested in.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile