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Stannan D’Aquisto’s Home Staging Post #1

(Shannan D’Aquisto’s Home Staging post)

In a real estate market like we are in today, it is vitally important that sellers properly prepare their homes for the competitive marketplace. Here are 10 of my favorite tips to get you off to a great start before you list your property:

  1. Get rid of clutter! Get a storage unit or a pod to file away your clutter that you want to keep, but everyone else shouldn’t have to see. Clutter collects dust, makes a room too personal and holds onto smells that could scare off good buyers!
  2. Clean, clean and clean again, nothing says don’t buy me, like someone else’s dirt.
  3. Depersonalize! Take down ALL personal photos and replace a few of them with non-personal items, like a clock or a mirror.
  4. VENTILATE! As we live in our homes they start to smell like us, and not really in a good way, so get your house scent back to neutral, and NOT with a flowery spray!
  5. Play up your house’s strengths- talk to your Realtor about what today’s buyers would like most about your house and then make these items stand out.
  6. Finish unfinished renovation and painting projects! Few things detract from sales price as much as unfinished projects that look like red flags!
  7. Take everything off your refrigerator and your bathroom counter, and then only put one soap dispenser back at the sink, nothing else!!
  8. Get rid of dead or dying house plants! Buyers will think, ‘if you couldn’t water the plants, what else have you neglected.’
  9. Vacuum with a new vacuum bag, and vacuum 2 times!
  10. Paint unsightly walls that have had too many things hung from them or just years of bumps and handprints. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to paint every wall in the house, but paint can be an inexpensive way to really help the old look new again. (Painting helps to neutralize smell too!)

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a great one, that is ready to sell! Next time I blog here I will have a must-do check list for property showings. For more tips or insight, or for home staging on the central coast, please visit my website at: or my blog


Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile