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Impersonation of City Employees

The San Luis Obispo Police Department issued the following press release:

Last week, the San Francisco Police Department warned the citizens of that community about thieves who were impersonating employees of the San Francisco Water Department. At least nine people were victimized. In those cases, one thief would knock on the door of a resident, falsely identify himself, and say that he needed to enter the home to check water pipes. While that individual distracted the homeowner, an accomplice would slip into the home and steal valuables.

Over the last several weeks, a number of City of San Luis Obispo residents have contacted City offices to report individuals coming to their homes and identifying themselves as City of San Luis Obispo Water Conservation staff. The individuals claiming to be City employees offered to provide assistance in identifying water saving measures on the property of the residents. While the City does provide water conservation consultations for city residents, the individuals reported this week were not City employees.

As of this time, the San Luis Obispo Police Department is not aware of any residents who have been crime victims as the result of individuals impersonating City employees. The purpose of this press release is to alert all residents to be cautious of anyone claiming to be a City employee when that person is not clearly recognizable as such, particularly if that person is asking to be allowed into the resident’s home. Many, but not all, City employees wear uniforms. If you are contacted and have any doubts at all about whether an individual is a City employee, you should request that they show you a City of San Luis Obispo identification card.

If you are suspicious that anyone who comes to your home is not the person they claim to be, do not allow that person into your home, and call 911 immediately.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile