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I’m Loving This Cell Phone App!

I upgraded my phone to a Blackberry Tour yesterday so now I can use our new MLS Search application with the phone’s GPS. The application is so much better than trying to search via the phone browser. It’s lots quicker and the photos and info display is better too.

I found a nifty tool to take screen shots of my Blackberry and took some while I was using the application tonite so you can see some of what it does (the graphic at the top of this blog post is a screen shot).

You can see the screen shots here

Telling people about the application these past several days I’m discovering that some have never installed an application on their cell phone before.

The easiest way to get our MLS Search application is to text “byrd” to 87778

You’ll get a text message sent back to you within seconds with link to the application for your phone. The application is FREE to download and use and it doesn’t ask you to enter in any personal contact info.

If you have any problems getting your application running, I’d be happy to help. Just email me at

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