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I’m getting more and more homeowners with a home listed on the MLS contacting me to ask why their address doesn’t show in my MLS searches while others do. The reason for this is that when an agent enters a listing, there is a section in the MLS form that the agent can control the publishing of the listing. For example, in this section there is the option to display or not display on There is also an option that says “Suppress address on public sites”. The problem is that although every other question defaults with “Yes”, the suppress address question is the only one with a default of “No”. Unless an agent changes this to “Yes”, the address won’t show up on MLS searches. I’m not sure why this one question defaults to “No”.

It’s easy for a Listing Agent to edit the MLS listing to change this though. It will take a day or two for the change to show up on MLS searches.

If you are on another site (other than mine) and ALL the addresses are not displayed in a MLS search then this is a choice of the agent who has the MLS search on that site and not the Listing Agents. Some agents do this to get people to contact them so they get a name/phone number. Others will make you fill out a form before you can even submit a search to accomplish the same thing (ugh!).

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