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I’m finding that memories of a particular place are better than a present-day visit. Latest example…the Fremont Theatre in downtown SLO.

I have lots of fond memories of the Fremont. I went to LOTS of midnight movies there in the early 80’s plus remember seeing Aliens there for the first time and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I’ve stayed away from the Fremont these days since the last time I went, I remember having someone sitting in front of me blocking part of the screen. I guess I’ve come to expect stadium seating these days.

I did go there last Friday. The Borat movie was advertised to be in the Downtown Cinema and not playing at the Regal in Arroyo Grande where I go see most of the movies. I arrived at the Downtown Cinema only to be greeted with a sign in the window saying Borat was not at the Fremont so I quickly walked over to it. $9 was the ticket price.

My first stop at the consession stand resulted in popcorn and a large drink. Smaller drink than at the Regal and no refills, but the same price. The seats were uncomfortable with not much leg room. My knee was wedged on the seat in front of me. Were people not as big back in the days when the Fremont was built?? Luckily someone didn’t sit in front of me but the person sitting 2 rows down did block a bit of the screen at the bottom. To top it off, the popcorn didn’t taste good.

While the artistic decor of the Fremont is still cool, I won’t be running back to spend $20 (ticket and food) anytime soon…

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile