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I’m back from Vegas!

I must say, only in Vegas will they set off 1000 pounds of dynamite to take down an old casino at 2:30 in the morning. I didn’t know it was going to happen and was asleep about 1/4 mile away. They started with a fireworks show that woke me up. I first thought that a fireworks factory was on fire since there was probably 50 times more fireworks than a typical 4th of July on Pismo Beach. Then the dynamite went off and the big cloud of yucky dust traveled over the strip. Yowser!

I found some interesting products at the Realtor convention. One was an automatic shoe covering dispenser (see the video here). This makes it a lot easier than requiring people to take off their shoes or put on shoe coverings manually before taking a tour of a home.

There were multiple companies launching products to view listings on a cell phone. I really think that this is a bit too early as I don’t think many will want to do their home searches on a cell phone. recently announced a site where iphone users can go to but since the average iphone user is 27 years old, I don’t see that much demand for iphone home searching quite yet.

I talked with a vendor that I currently use for my online home valuation. They have a significant enhancement coming soon that will provide 55 page property profile reports with everything from comparable sales to neighborhood statisitics. I hope to test it within a couple weeks. Stay tuned!

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