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I’m amazed

I was looking through Million Dollar Plus listings and I just don’t get it. Do Seller’s not look at the photos and marketing descriptions that the Listing Agents have for their homes? There’s one photo that shows a very cluttered bookcase and a $15 lawn chair. I think the photo was purposely taken to show the bookcase which makes no sense to me. What jumps out when I see something like this is “not enough storage in home”, “owners don’t have the money for furniture, so home maintenance may not have been kept up”.

But, what wasn’t surprising to me was that this particular home has been sitting on the market for awhile and already had been repriced 30%+ lower than the original price.

The presentation of Million Dollar Plus homes is SO critical these days. There are over 400 listings currently over a Million and not that much activity. You can’t afford to have someone look at a photo of a cluttered bookcase and cross the listing off their list! And it’s not just a cluttered bookcase that might turn someone off.

But more importantly, if you have a feature that a Buyer might fall in love with, that’s what you want to present really really well.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile