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I’m amazed how many empty flyer boxes I’m seeing on yard signs these days. Surveys say that yard signs are the 3rd most popular way that Buyers found their homes (a Realtor was #1 and the Internet was #2). If someone drove by my home that was for sale, I’d want them to take away something that they would remember it by. When I see a flyer box that is empty, the first thing I think is that the home is not on the market anymore.

An empty flyer box is “anti-marketing”. Make sure you find out how the flyer box will be kept filled when you are interviewing agents to list your home. Also, have them show you what their flyers look like. Don’t accept black and white printouts. I’ve also seen agents print out the cryptic listing detail from the MLS listing and call that their flyer. Unfortunately, there are agents out there that are looking to spend as little as possible to market a home and will use the cheapest method for the flyer. An empty flyer box is the cheapest option!

Also, there are some agents who use a yard sign to generate additional revenue by using it to advertise other companies. I’ve recently seen a yard sign that had signs from a title company and a mortgage company nailed to the post. I doubt the homeowner is getting a portion of the money that these companies are paying the Listing Agent to put their advertisement on their for sale sign.

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