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MLS Numbers

If you’ve been searching for homes, you are probably familiar with the MLS# that is assigned to a listing. You can get an idea how long a listing has been on the market by looking at the MLS#. This isn’t a 100% accurate method as some listings have transferred brokers or taken off the market and then relisted which results in a new MLS#.

I looked at the MLS #’s being assigned on the first of the month in 2008. Here’s a table that you can use if you are interested in getting an idea on how long a listing has been on the market.

January 1 – MLS #138,000
February 1 – 139,000
March 1 – 140,100
April 1 – 141,350
May 1 – 142,600
June 1 – 143,750
July 1 – 144,900

You might find this useful as you search the following reports:

Price Changes

REO Listings

Short Sale Listings

You can see the current MLS # being assigned listings by going to the New Listings report.

I also have yet another listings report for you to use. This one displays the listings that have gone “Off Market”. Unfortuantely, with this public report I’m unable to display what the reason the propery went “off market”. The possiblities are 1) Pending Sale, 2) Expired, or 3) Cancelled/withdrawn. I thought this report would be useful if you’ve been looking at a particular home (and know it’s MLS #) and no longer found it when you used a MLS Search and wondered why. You can view the Off Market report here As with the Price Changes report, it is still building the 7 days of info.

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