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If you’re a Bank of America customer, be prepared to wait in line longer at ATMs. I just tried BofA’s new ATM terminal in Pismo Beach. I had 9 checks to deposit and instead of putting them in an envelope and deposting them in the machine, you now have to insert each one to scan, verify it on the screen, enter the amount if the ATM can’t make out the amount, ok it, and then choose to continue to another check. Their other new terminal wasn’t working yet so when finished with the deposit, there was a line of 3 people. At the end, it prints out all the scanned checks (a waste of paper!) but doesn’t even include your balance. If you want that, you need to spend even more time at the ATM. So, if you are in line and someone is taking 5 or more minutes at the ATM, don’t blame them…blame the bank. Unfortunately, from the looks I got from the people in line behind me, it wasn’t the bank they were mad at.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile