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If you were in downtown SLO after 2 pm today, you probably saw the Lindsay Lohan movie being filmed. The scene is the celebration after winning the football game (which they filmed at SLO high last night).

I know of 2 other films that featured areas of SLO County. The upcoming Pirates of the Carribean was filmed at the dunes but I doubt the area will be very recognizable. I’m talking about movies where you’ll see central coast landmarks.

The first movie is Personal Best. If I remember, they filmed it around 1981. They filmed at a home on Grove Street in SLO, Morro Bay High, Montana De Oro dunes, and downtown SLO. I saw them film one scene with the 2 main characters walking out of Fremont theatre and walking down Monterey Street. I can’t remember if that scene made it into the movie. One scene that was in the movie was one shot at the old Cigar Factory (downstairs of course).

I rarely hear anyone that remembers the next movie, California Dreaming. If you want to see what Avila Beach used to look like, watch this movie. They filmed it on Front Street at that house that used to have all the paintings sitting outside, next to the motel. One of the stars was the guy that was in that bicycle movie, Breaking Away.

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