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If you use Charter’s Internet service, they have recently started keeping track of where users go. They are doing this in four “test” markets, with San Luis Obispo being one of them. Just like what is doing, they want this data so they can better target their advertising.

My belief is that Internet Service Providers shouldn’t “snoop” at all. They say that they won’t keep individual user info but in realty, they do gather that info too but just say they just won’t store it.

You can go to this site and fill out a form if you want to opt-out of their web tracking. When you fill out the form, it installs a cookie on your computer (a small piece of code). If you use different browsers or have different users on your computer, you need to fill out the form using every browser and every user also has to fill it out too.

If you are real concered about privacy, you can use a program like Ghost Surf. It uses what’s called a proxy server. What this means is that you will connect to one server on Ghost Surf’s network and that server then goes out and makes all the connections to the sites you are wanting to surf. You can also encrypt the data between Ghost Surf’s proxy server and your PC so no one along the data highway can snoop (like Charter).

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