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I was surfing the news sites earlier on Friday and saw an article about spoofing Caller ID numbers so the person you’re calling doesn’t see your number. I thought, yeah right, you can’t do this legally. So I Googled “spoof caller id” and visited a site called

The site said you could spoof a caller id number and choose whatever number you wanted to show up. It also could disguise your voice. AND it said it would record the call and allow you to play it back on the web. Scratching my head on how they were able to do this, I decided to fork out $10 for a calling card for 60 minutes of calls.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it was all true. I made calls to my friends with Caller ID numbers I chose myself when making the call. You have 2 choices to disguise your voice, either as male or female. The female choice made me sound like an elderly lady. The male voice deepened my voice to sound a bit like Barry White.

I must say I was having some fun today doing this. I called one of my teenage daughter’s phones and put in the Caller ID of one of her friends so she would recognize it. I then (with the lady voice) told her that I had found the phone and wanted to know how much her friend would give me to get it back. She believed it…then we all had a good laugh.

Aside from the funny prank stuff, my confidence in the Caller ID has been shattered. I tried to look up my Verizon bill to see if the statement had the fake Caller ID listed on it but I have to wait until my next statement to find out. I for one, trusted the Caller ID and being a Judge Judy viewer, know that it’s used in court (at least TV court) as evidence.

I know now that I can no longer trust the Caller ID.

As for recording a phone conversation, I thought this was illegal too….

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