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I was sad to read the news that Symantec is closing their SLO Research and Devleopment facility and over 40 employees will have to relocate or find another job. Being from the Silicon Valley, I know what the salaries are of hardware and software Engineers and this is an unfortunate loss for our community.

I know some other high-tech people that live in the area but work for large companies based in Silicon Valley or other areas. Some of them also have been notified that they will need to relocate back to the main offices. One has been trying to sell his house for the past year (with no success, even with lowering the price almost $100,000).

It would be nice if companies or Venture Capitalists saw the SLO area as a place to start a technology park. With Cal Poly in our backyard, there would seem to be some benefit. But, it appears that being located where everyone else is and dealing with commutes is a better business choice. Or…there is no one that is out promoting our area as a great place to locate a technology business.

I guess we will continue to rely on tourism and retired baby boomers to help drive our economy.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile