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I read an article a few days ago that said the Central Coast had the highest gas prices in the state. The reason given was because of the cost to deliver here and little competition. Huh?? I don’t know where the gas comes from but you would figure that being right on Highway 101 would make it kinda easy to get to us.

This is weird…as I’m typing the above I’m watching the 11:00 KSBY news (on my Tivo). They just reported that gas prices are the lowest in awhile with the average per gallon for unleaded regular in California is $3.01. But, no mention of our gas prices around here. So much for “local” news reporting.

Speaking of weird, KSBY also reported on Weird Al’s performance at the Pac center tonite. They interviewed him at the KCPR studio (Cal Poly radio) where he did a show from when going to Poly in the late 70’s/early 80’s. He said that he was forced off the air at KCPR for not “playing by the rules” and that it created a lot of controversy because his show was popular. I was working at the radio station at the time he was doing his “Weird Al” show. From what I remember, the decision to remove him from the air was due to studio equipment being broken during his shows since he invited so many people in the (small) studio. There wasn’t a big budget for the radio station and replacing a broken microphone was a big deal back in those days. I don’t remember any controversy at the time his show was removed though. Nothing seemed to upset Poly students back in those days.

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