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I ran across this site which details an unhappy dealing with a Realtor.

Some comments:

Make sure you understand that when you sign a listing agreement and put how long the listing agreement goes for, you are contractually bound to that Broker unless you have a cancellation clause. The listing agreement and other forms Realtors use in a transaction can be modified or added to before you sign them. Some people think that all you can do is change dates or other items where there is a place to fill something in but that’s not the case. These forms are created by the California Association of Realtors by their lawyers to try to help with real estate transactions and be fair to both sides of the transaction (and keep people out of court, including the Realtors). But, if you wanted to put conditions that had to be met (like certain advertising of your home), you can add that to the agreement and give the Broker the option of signing the agreement or not. This will make it clear what you expect and then have the right to terminate the listing agreement if they aren’t provided. If there are promises made in the listing presentation, just get those in writing and make them part of the listing agreement, with consequences if they are not met.

As for open houses, these are a way for agents to generate Buyer leads. Very few homes are sold via Open Houses but I would classify them in the category of things that “can’t hurt”. Larger Brokerages have plenty of agents looking for business so if you list with one of these and want Open Houses, the Listing Agent shouldn’t have a problem getting an agent to host it as frequently as you want. In fact, my Brokerage pays for the Open House ads in the weekend paper as a way to help agents get business and encourage agents to host Open Houses.

Just keep a perspective on what sells homes. These days, having a good Internet exposure for your home is twenty times more important than Open Houses.

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