I just got back from having one of my favorite dishes at a SLO restaurant. The Chicken Mole (mo-lay) Enchiladas at Chile Peppers are OUTSTANDING. Plus, it’s a bargain. It costs $7.50 for the dish which includes 3 enchiladas topped with excellent mole sauce, cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and onions. And you get rice and beans too. I’ve tried mole at other mexican restaurants and haven’t found any that compare to Chile Peppers. I’m not aware of any other restaurant in the area that even offers mole on the menu.

There are two Chile Peppers restaurants in SLO but only one of them has mole. The one that has it is located on Broad Street, close to the intersection of South Street. It sits back from the road a bit with an indian restaurant in front. The one that doesn’t have mole is off of Foothill.

If you haven’t tried the mole at Chile Peppers, you’re missing out! You won’t leave hungry (or broke) either.