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I didn’t realize it until thinking about my last post more that the car giveaway was another example of inflating the comparable price. The car giveway I blogged previously about also is giving away a car to the Buyers agent as well. If you deduct both car values and the commission off the price, the net price would be about 12% lower. Funny how people get so upset when Zillow reports a “zestimate” of a home that’s 10% off. The problem is that no one will know that a car was given away when someone looks up this home price as a comparable to determine a price for another home.

Also, adding the car price just for the Buyer into the purchase price of the home would mean $650/year increase in property tax (at 1%) for the value of the car in addition to the interest.

Unless I’m missing something, I’d take the $65,000 value of the car off the sale price of the home and let them keep the car so my loan and property tax would be reduced.

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