I calculated the Months of Inventory (MOI) for SLO County has of today. It’s at 13.8 months which is lower than the 16.1 months at the beginning of the January.

I calculated the Months of Inventory (MOI) and added it to the www.SloWatch.com page under the inventory chart. For SLO County, we currently have 8.1 months of inventory. For SLO County plus Santa Maria & Orcutt, we have 8.6 months of inventory. 6 months of inventory is considered a neutral market. A Buyers market is over 6 months and a Sellers market is less than 6 months of inventory.

I calculated the MOI for individual cities too. The MOI for cities with a lower number of properties on the market can fluctuate quite a bit. It doesn’t take many solds to really impact the MOI as you’ll see.