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Here’s an interesting article sent in by a blog reader about pricing your home using sometthing other than 000 at the end.

I briefly looked at recent homes have sold at and didn’t see the properties ending in 000 getting a lower percentage of list price than those ending with 500 or 900 in their price. I’m sure there may be a good reason to do this just like pricing something for 99 cents vs. 1 dollar. In the past, I’ve priced properties with 990 at the end. Maybe I’ll try something like 943 at the end next time to mess with people’s heads but not sure if 500 would do anything other than listing the home 443 dollars less.

But, I do agree that you do need to price today thinking about people searching the Internet. Most searches have drop down menus for prices. If I had a home worth $800,000, I wouldn’t price it a $800,000 since you’d miss people searching “lower than $800,000” category, just as I wouldn’t price at $776K because of the $775K drop down choice.

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