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Happy Birthday Mac!

The original Apple Macintosh is 25 years old. Wow, now I’m feeling REAL old. One of my first high-tech jobs was working in Tech Support for one of the first computer networking companies called Corvus Systems. This was pre-ethernet days. At that time, computers didn’t have hard drives yet and Corvus offered hard disks that were connected to a twisted-pair network (Omninet) so users could access a 10 MB or 20 MB disk and copy stuff to it! When the Mac first came out, I was the one in tech support that was assigned to support the Mac so I got to be one of the first to use one. At that time Corvus also had a ground breaking product come out…a 45 MB disk! Funny to think that a 3 minute video wouldn’t even fit on one of those today. I think it cost something like $7,000 too.

Seems like just yesterday….

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