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Greetings from (HOT) Vegas

I’m wrapping up a trip to Vegas (arrived Sunday). Of course a trip to Vegas in August means 100+ degree heat everyday.

I read some articles in the local Vegas paper today how gaming is down around 10-15% from s year ago. Weekends are still bringing in the people but mid-week is slow which I can say is true. Sunday and even Monday was pretty busy but the crowds over the last few days have thinned out. Also seems like a younger crowd or maybe that’s because I’m getting older! The nightclubs in the strip casinos I’ve been in have lines to get in at night which probably is a reason why they say that people are spending less when they come. Maybe they need to put some slot machines around the dance floor 🙂

The Vegas housing market seems a lot like Santa Maria’s. Sales are up, inventory is down, but foreclosure percentages are still running about 73% of total sales. One article also mentioned the new wave of foreclosures that are upcoming.

You can get good deals if you want to come to enjoy the heat. We used Allegiant Air out of Santa Maria and got a package with rooms at the MGM Grand that included 2 free show tickets. There big construction on the strip is still the massive City Center they are building. I didn’t stop by their sales office to see what the condos are going for now but I’m sure they are lower than what their target price was when they began construction.

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