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Gift for Teenager+ has a special on the Flip Video 30 minute video camera that comes with an action mount that you can attach to handle bars, a helmet, or whatever to get some pretty neat videos.

I have an older version of this camera that didn’t have a way to easily mount it. I took a video on the Oceano Dunes a few years ago using Duct Tape to mount it to the ATV. See the video here This was the first video I ever uploaded to youtube so I think a lot of the quality was lost in the way I did it. But, you’ll get the idea.

The one Walmart has is a 30 minute camera. They now have 60 minute cameras but the price is a lot more. Mine is a 20 minute camera and I really didn’t run into many times where that was an issue.

Anyways, it’s $88 for the camera and action mount. Might be a good gift for a teenager or someone older that would like to take some action videos.

I ordered a couple for my nephews plus one for myself so I can mount it on my pole cam setup and experiment with taking videos on top of a 16 foot pole!

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