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The following is a post from a Realtor message board about an Open House experience. I’m one that believes that Open Houses do little to sell a home. The statistics say that the percentage of Buyers that found their home through an Open House have dropped down to around 1%. Open Houses are typically used by new agents to try to find people that aren’t represented by Realtors yet. That’s why the majority of Open Houses are not hosted by the Listing Agent, but someone else in their office.

If you have been to an Open House of a home that is still occupied, you’ve probably observed that the agent hosting the Open House doesn’t ask for a person’s id, nor do they accompany them throughout the house. Drugs in medicine chests and small items are what some home owners find are stolen when they return. Why should someone have to break into a house when they are given full access without having to identify who they are? If your home is marketed well and is easy to show by a Buyer’s agent, you shouldn’t have to take the risk of having a Open House!

(here’s the post from Realtor message board)

We held an Open House yesterday between 12:00-4:00pm.The home was located in Pembroke Pines Florida,the area is called Silver Lakes. It`s a beauitful 4bed,3ba pool home. It`s priced to sell. It has a beautiful pool area,enclosed screened patio and the kitchen has been recently redone! The owners decided to paint the interior and place new berber carpet only a week ago. They wanted to stage the home, which was a very smart idea.

Normally, we don`t do Open Houses, but the sellers insisted. When we do an Open House we usually have Balloons placed outside as well as Large Flag that is 9`ft tall to attract potential buyers. We like to also have refreshments such as cookies, soda`s and bottled waters for people to take. It`s the little things that people enjoy when visiting an Open House or at least we thought so until yesterday.

At around 2:30 pm, a Honda Van rolls up to the front door. It was a family of 6! It consisted of the Husband, wife, two children that looked between 7 and 10, and the Grandparents.
They walked around the house, along the way the kids took a cookie and soda with them while wandering around. At one point they went upstairs to the Master bedroom one kid starts up with the other and throws the cookie at the other, leaving the cookie crumbs on the floor. The Mother and Father say nothing and continue looking at the other 3 bedrooms upstairs. My stupidity I don`t say anything.

Next, they wander down to the kitchen, where the Grandmother decides to open the refrigerator, she see`s a package of Kraft’s American cheese inside the refrig and decides to take a piece without asking permission. I`m looking at this women in complete utter amazement.
Now, I`m wondering what the heck to do with this Group! They decide to look at the pool area. The kids decide to play tag outside and somehow start throwing Rocks from the Japanese garden at each other! A few of the rocks enter the pool! I start asking the kids to please stop! At this point the Father attacks me with a verbal tirade!

Father: Why you yelling at my kid?
Me: Your kids seem out of control. They`ve already left a mess for us to clean up in the Master bedroom and now the rocks. This is an Open House!
Father: Big deal! They can do what they want, Open House means that we can look at a house and do what we want!
Me: Great, now it`s time to leave.. Please go!
Mother: My Husband can buy this home for cash, we don`t need you to tell us what to do!
Me; Again, this Tour is over, we need to clean up so that others may view the home.

As this family from hell wander back inside the Kids, and Grandparents decide to each take the rest of the sodas, LEAVING NOTHING for anyone else! The 10 year old decides to pocket 3 more cookies..

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