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Exclusive Marketing Program for the Holidays

A Realtor outside of the Central Coast sent me a flyer he received at his home. It was from a local agent in his area from one of the nationwide Brokerages. This one is CLASSIC!

The flyer was about why you would want to sell your home during the holidays. One of the reasons they gave was “Some buyers purchase homes as gifts“. I’ve got to see that one to believe it, especially since the median home price of where the Realtor lives is over $700K.

But it gets better…

For the holidays, they also say they have an exclusive marketing approach to preserve the homeonwers privacy and here is what is part of this service:

– Take a low key approach to advertising your home, reinforcing its exclusivity
– Don’t include property address in advertising
– Consider not placing your home on the MLS during the holiday period
– No lock box
– No open houses for either public or Realtors
– No for sale sign

Yep, that marketing program will preserve your privacy as no one will know your home is for sale!

There’s no secret marketing tricks on how to sell it home. You’ve got to present it well, price it right, and get it in front as many potential Buyers as possible!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile