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Examples of Bad Marketing of a Home

It’s not hard to evaluate how a REALTOR markets a listing. If you’ve been looking for real estate, you’ve probably already seen many of the following:

1. Empty flyer box – You don’t want a Buyer to think your home isn’t on the market anymore, do you?

2. Reduced price handwritten on home flyer – If you need to reduce the price of your home, you want to make sure you don’t focus Buyers on that fact. New flyers should be printed and the old ones discarded/recycled.

3. Photos with garbage cans- Most garbage cans can be easily moved. So why would they be in a photo used to market a home for sale?

4. Photos with cars in the driveway – You’re probably not including your cars with the sale of your home so you don’t want them in the photo.

5. Lack of photos in the MLS – Ever search for a home and get the “Photo Not Available” or have only one or two photos to take a look at? Not good…

6. Black and white flyer – We’re not in the 1970’s anymore so there is no reason why a flyer should be in black and white, especially with the commissions that home owners are paying these days.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile