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Election Results

I made the mistake of reading the local newspapers this morning for election results.  The Santa Maria Times article headlines said “SLO sheriff: Parkinson, Lenthall face runoff” but it turns out it’s Cortez, not Lenthall.

For the Arroyo Grande police station bond measure, I’m still at a loss to know if it passed or not. The Tribune is reporting that it failed because it needed 2/3 majority but the Santa Maria Times says it needed just a majority, so it passed. I looked at the SLO County election site and it had the results but no mention  that it needed a 2/3 majority. It had the “Yes” in bold, so it seems like that would mean that it passed?  I looked at my Sample Ballot, the AG city web site, and other places and have yet to find anything that says what percentage of vote was needed.

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