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Does email marketing cause more harm than good??

More and more REALTORS are saying that they include email marketing as part of their listing service. As a home seller, it may sound like a good way of getting exposure for your home with other Realtors. But, this can backfire on you.

The problem is that Realtors are now getting LOTS of unsolicited emails advertising listings. Not only listings on the Central Coast, but in other states too. Another problem is that the majority of these email advertisements are really bad. They don’t give any more information than what’s on the MLS system and they are more like an advertisement for the Listing Agent. Realtors don’t want to get ads promoting other Realtors.

This topic has been discussed on Realtor message boards and most agree it’s out-of-control as Realtors everywhere are getting flooded with listing advertisements. A few companies have popped up that do the spam mailings for Realtors.

The question is if a Listing Agent is shooting themselves in the foot by doing email marketing. While it may not cost money to do email marketing, it may be costing their reputation amongst other Realtors. I don’t think being labled as a “spammer” motivates other agents to want to show their listings. Since most homes are sold by other agents through the MLS system, a listing agent must be sensitive to doing things that will end up hurting their ability to sell a home. Actually, when home sellers interview Realtors to sell their home they should try to find out what the reputation is for the agent amongst other Realtors. That is more important than most of the checklist items Realtors say they do.

I personally don’t think that email marketing is worth the risk and see very little benefit these days.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile