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Doc Burnstein’s

If you’ve driven through the Village of Arroyo Grande lately, you’ve probably seen the Union protest sign across from Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream shop. I didn’t know what this was about but thought it was odd when the blood bank bus was parked in the village a few weeks ago with the Union sign hanging behind it. I thought about taking a photo of the people sitting in chairs with the Union protesters standing behind them since it looked so weird.

An article in today’s Tribune says that they are protesting non-Union carpenters being used in the Santa Maria Mall on a store that Doc Burnstein’s plans to expand to. The Mall said they used a bidding process to choose the workers as they always do and the owner of Doc Burnstein’s had nothing to do with the selection process.

In comments on the Trib story on their website, it is also stated that the people the Union have standing for 6 hours a day in the Village are NOT members of the union, but people they pay minimum wage to.

I grew up with my dad being a member of a union while working for a soft drink company (he was a delivery person). When I was a kid, I walked the picket lines with my dad when the soft drink industry had a 9 month strike back in the early 70’s.

Unfortunately, this protest appears to be targeting the wrong business but I guess it’s cheaper for the Union to have one protest sign and pay a couple of workers instead of protesting all around the Santa Maria Mall. I’m going to go buy some ice cream at Doc’s later today to show my support of this local business.

Here’s a link to the Tribune story

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