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Days On Market (DOM) Defined

There are two acronyms associated with how long a property has been on the market that our local MLS uses; DOM and CDOM. Up until a few years ago, there was only one (DOM). But what was happening was that some agents would cancel a listing and then enter it again as a new listing in order to reset the Days on Market. I don’t think that it’s a surprise that a property may get more attention if it was on the market for 5 days vs. 170 days.

So what the MLS did was create CDOM, which stands for Cumulative Days On Market. What CDOM does is add the days a property has been on the market across multiple MLS listings. So, if an agent cancels a listing and then reenters it, CDOM will take the DOM of the first listing and add it to the DOM for the second listing.

It also doesn’t matter if a Seller changes Listing Agents or Brokerages. It will still add the DOM from the first listing (from Broker A) and the second listings (from Broker B). All it looks at is the property address.

For the DOM (and CDOM) to be reset to Zero, a property has to be off the market for 61 consecutive days.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile