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Craiglist Rental Scams Continue

We’re getting more and more inquiries lately about properties that are listed on Craigslist for rent also being listing on the MLS for sale. While there is a chance that someone that is trying to sell their home might put it out to be rented at the same time, it’s unlikely. When you put your home for sale, the seller is signing a listing agreement that says you will pay the Listing Brokerage a commission if they bring a Buyer with the price you list at. If the Brokerage brings an offer (themselves or through another Brokerage that’s representing the Buyer), the Seller just can’t say “I found a renter instead” without being responsible to pay the Brokerage the commission per the agreement, even if the property isn’t sold.

With most the Craigslist rental scams, the scammer will pick a property that is listed on the MLS and put it on Craigslist for rent. They will usually be out of town (in another country is the usual) and give some sort of story how they are needing to rent the home. They’ll get the home details from the MLS listing to make it sound like they know the home. Then ask for some deposit to be sent to them “before someone else rents it”, which you’ll never see again.

If you are looking to rent a home or condo, the easiest way to check these days is just enter in the address of the home. If it’s on the MLS, it will show up on a real estate site like

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile