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The Chili’s in Arroyo Grande is now open. You can tell by the 30 people waiting outside for a table at dinnertime!

I love Chili’s. They were the first restaurant that I ever had curly fries at. Their soup and salad combo is a good deal too (and their honey mustard salad dressing is yummy). I did blog about Chili’s before it opened and said that I usually wait a few weeks before visiting a new restaurant so they can work out the kinks but my family decided to try it tonite. I thought going at 5 PM we’d be safe but I was wrong since the crowd waiting was already huge. We didn’t even ask how long the wait was and went somewhere else. Oh well, there will be plenty of other times.

Years ago I contacted Chili’s Corporate and asked if they had any restaurants planned for SLO County. They said they didn’t and I replied with why I thought they should look at the Central Coast as I thought it was a great opportunity for them. They said they’d forward my suggestion to their Development group.

I don’t know if I anything to do with them coming into the County but it’s fun to think I did!

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