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Changes in Downtown San Luis Obispo

I was in downtown San Luis Obispo on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with my pocket camera so I thought I’d take some photos of some of the changes going on.  I know that some of our blog readers like to keep up with what’s going on in the area.

The photo below is of Chorro Street, next to Bull’s Tavern. Gone are the coffee shop and newsstand. The sign on this space is advertising a restaurant space with outside dining.


Across the street from this, there are also some new businesses that recently opened. An electric bicycle store and a vegan bakery are where Cowboy Cookies and another store once were.


But Cowboy Cookies didn’t go away. It moved to Higuera Street and has expanded. They now sell Slo Maid ice cream in addition to their cookies. Cowboy Cookies has been in the area for quite some time. I was working at Cal Poly’s El Corral Bookstore around 1980 when the original owner used to deliver cookies for resale. She then sold the store to an ex-Major League baseball player (he played for the Montreal Expos, I think his last name was Wolford if my memory is working that far back). Not sure how many owners there have been since then.

Surf shops in downtown SLO have had a lot of activity. A store that was on the corner of Morro and Higuera has closed. Central Coast Surfboards that had that great store has moved to Marsh Street, across from California Pizza. They divided the old store into two which are now clothing stores.


Here’s another building undergoing retrofitting. This is where the vintage store was. It moved down to lower Higuera but didn’t last there that long and is now gone.


The Wineman Hotel project is now complete and is where Chipolte opened. Muzio’s, which was previously located on Monterey Street, recently moved in next door to Chipolte and has some outside dining (but makes the sidewalk next to it a bit cramped).


House of Bread vacated their location that was next to Cold Stone and moved to the corner of Marsh and Higuera.  It’s right when you get off the March Street exit. Although I’ve passed this store numerous times now, I’ve only stopped twice. I used to pop in the other store more often but it was never something I made a special trip for. I hope they make it in this new location.


Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile