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Central Coast Politics

If you read the local newspapers, you’ll see the articles about the most heated issues in a particular city. Here are the ones getting the most press:

1) Los Osos Sewer
While the articles have died down a bit, the sewer dilemma is still dividing the town. The recent articles talk more about fines, a judge throwing out Measure B, septic tank pumping, and lawyer fees. I haven’t seen an article on what progress has been made on a new sewer for awhile now.

2) The San Luis Obispo Marketplace
The SLO city voters said “No” to the Marketplace in the last election. Back then, preserving downtown SLO and developing on ag land at the gateway to the city were the top arguments being given for No vote. Now, there is a petition going around to get the Marketplace on the ballot for County voters to decide. Then a few weeks ago, it was reported that land a little South of the proposed Marketplace is going to be car lots and has already been approved. The articles about the Marketplace have died down a bit since this bombshell was reported.

3) A Disfunctional Pismo Beach City Council
The most entertaining articles are about the Pismo City Council. There’s one councilman saying he has a not-so-nice voicemail from the Mayor about an issue he didn’t vote with the mayor on. Then two other council members are under fire for attending a planning commission and voicing their opinions on a development that the Council could vote on in the future. The latest event is that the Mayor faxed copies of newspaper articles about the 2 other council members to Shell Beach voters and then copies of the fax were thrown (in the direction of the Mayor) by one of the council at a recent meeting.

Reading the local newspaper is always entertaining!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile