Feng Shui your Front Door

My Door-Keeper, Olive

A recent email from National Association of Realtors highlighted a blog about front door colors. The article referred the the door as the necktie of the home. It can be subtle, or make a huge statement. The question being, what does your door color say about you? At the end of the blog the author defined several colors like Blue, Green, Black, but not the most common – white. Intrigued, I “asked the google”. I soon learned that there is a lot of information on the psychology of color as it relates to the front door of your home. What I found most interesting was that many articles I came across related color to the overall feng shui of the home. Furthermore, color alone was not the key, the doors directional orientation and material are critical to ensuring balance and harmony in the home.

  • North facing should be wood and painted Blue, Black or White
  • Northeast facing should be wood and painted Orange, Purple, or Yellow
  • East facing should be wood and painted Green, Blue, or Turquoise
  • South facing should be wood and painted Red, Pink, or Purple
  • West facing doors can be made of metal or any other material than wood and painted Pink, Apricot, or Orange
  • Northwest facing doors can be made of any material and painted Gold, Silver, Yellow, or White

My door faces west, it’s made of wood, and in need of a fresh coat of green paint. I broke all the Yin and Yang guidelines but my door-keeper, Olive, and I still feel quite at peace.

From the perspective of an agent who opens a lot of doors to potential buyers, I find the following four points more important than color:

1. Keep your doorway well lit with a defined path leading to it.

2. Remove any obstructions that may be a trip hazard or distraction like kids toys, old broken pots, dead plants, etc.

3. Keep your door in good repair. Give it a power wash or a fresh coat of paint.

4. Be sure it’s in good working order. This means that the locks engage, the handles are functional and not loose, and that the door swings open and closed with ease.



Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Blog #5

Staging for living! Today I have some quick insight about home staging. So often after staging a home people tell me that they didn’t know that their house could look that good, or “If my house looked this good before, I wouldn’t be selling it.” So here is some real world advice if you want your house to look great for a future sell, but you want to enjoy it now.

Did you know that you can hire a home stager to give you ideas – even if you are not moving right now? If you think that you may want to sell your home sometime in the future, and want to make a few changes, but don’t want to over remodel for your neighborhood. Home stagers can share the best places to spend money that will give you the best return on your investment in the future. A stager can give you focus and material ideas that will have broad appeal just like they would for sale, but allow you to enjoy the update before the time to sell arrives. Usually a home stager will keep to a tighter budget than a decorator, thus protecting your investment dollar. For more information or to contact me directly, check out my website: