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Cambria Water Moratorium

(submitted by one of our North Coast agents)

Due to the severe water shortages in Cambria and the need to supply water for firefighting as well as residential and commercial use- The CCSD, Cambria Community Service District, declared a water moratorium in Nov 2001.

Can I build a home on a vacant lot in Cambria now? The short answer is no-unless you transfer your water rights from another residential property.

When will the moratorium be lifted? Only after the water management plan is enacted and an adequate water supply is available; Cambria is working on desalination as a long term project.

Will I be able to build once the water moratorium is lifted? Unless you have a position on the CCSD water wait list- you are not even in line. The list has 660 positions and it is a closed list. The number of permits that will be issued from the wait list each year will depend on the County Management Growth rate at that time. It is currently 1%. Prior to the water moratorium, it was 2.3%. Based on these growth rate percentages- the number of water permits that would be issued each year is between 30 and 70.

When will I be able to build? According to the CCSD, it will be at least 4-5 years before the moratorium is lifted. Add to this an allowance for the number of years you will need to wait until your water position number is reached. At a 1% building rate- it will take ~ 22 years to get through the list; at a 2.3% building growth rate- it will take ~10 years.

For more information about the Cambria water moratorium visit the Cambria Community Service District’s web-site :

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile