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The California Associaiton of Realtors (CAR) is having its annual conference and expo this week in Anaheim. I’m not going to this one but instead will be attending the National Association of Realtor (NAR) Expo in Las Vegas next month. CAR released a press release today from the show with this headline-

Nearly half of REALTORS®’ business originates from Internet, “2007 Use of Technology Survey” reveals

Sorry…don’t believe it.

I’ve been doing this Internet thing for awhile. I also give seminars to real estate agents outside the Central Coast on how to use the Internet for their real estate business (see I don’t believe Realtors are answering the survey questions honestly.

First, a lot of Realtors don’t have websites yet and some will never have one because technology is just too much of a challenge for them.

Second, the vast majority of Realtors that have websites use what’s called template websites. These websites have the same content on them which a Realtor can use anywhere in the United States. A Realtor can choose the color, layout, and add content on a couple pages but that’s about it.

Third, a successful real estate website has to first be found, and then have content on it that keeps people coming back. To be found, you have to come up in the search engines. The reality is that template websites don’t rank well in search engines because the content is not unique. Also, there are only 10 sites on the first page of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and most of the sites that come up for real estate searches are not local Realtor sites but national sites. Not enough spaces on the first page of Google for the 500+ Realtors selling in Pismo Beach.

Realtors want to believe that they can get a website for $50/month, never update it, and it will be successful. Lots have been trying this for years and have not received a single piece of business through their website. The only way that accurate data can be obtained from Realtors about how the Internet is doing for them is to get their website statistics. The truth is out there, but not in this latest CAR survey.

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