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Cal Poly Faces Enrollment and Budget Cuts for the 2010 School Year

If the preliminary figure I’ve read are correct, Cal Poly has approximately 2,500 less students on campus this year than last. Due to budget cuts in the Cal State University system, the 2010 Cal Poly head count is 16,779 versus last years 19,325. That is an approximate 13% drop and its had a large impact on our small city. Additionally, this fall’s freshman class faced the toughest academic entry competition in Cal Poly’s history. 40,941 freshman and transfer students applied for roughly 4,100 open undergraduate seats. The average GPA of the first time freshman this year is 3.84, up from 3.81 last year. Their average ACT score is 26.8, up from 26.3 from fall of 2009. The fall 2010 freshman also have an average SAT Reading score of 589, up from 579 last year; their average SAT Math score is 626, up from 623 last year.

Another way Cal Poly is attempting to meet its budget this year is by accepting more out-of-state students because they pay much higher tuition rates. A record 961 out-of-state students are enrolled this year. 

It remains to be seen whether Cal Poly will continue to decrease enrollment and make more adjustments to save money. A lot depends on what happens with the state’s budget. Cal Poly officials are projecting that enrollment will remain constant or rise slightly next year. I sure hope they are right!!!!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile